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Do you have the dilemma in your mind that whether you should sign up with Bluehost or not, going through this review might make the decision-making procedure easier. There are so many cheap web-hosting service providers, which are ever ready to bind you with promises. Amongst all the providers, it gets difficult to conclude that whether Bluehost sucks or not. Most of the reviews of the web-hosting service provider are there to trap the customers. The motive of such service-provider is just one time full effort to convince the customer to convince them about their excellent service.
Later, the pictures becomes clear in front of the customers that whatever the promises were made while signing up was all fake. The customer faces utter disappointment and frustration. Many such cheap web-hosting companies never turn up with any kind of support after signing up with customers. All the promises and assurances are just made to reach the wallet the wallet of the customers, and the moment the credit card details come, their sales target is met.
If you have ever come into the trap of such web-hosting companies, you must have gone through the situation when your website was offline for hours and days. Such a situation incur huge loss on the owner of site as they loss many of the visitors. The decision of signing up with any web-hosting service provider should be taken only after thorough research. The brand name 'Bluehost' is the name on which one can trust. The same question arises once again that does Bluehost service sucks or not.
The answer to this question is "no", Bluehost does not suck at all. While going through the review, even you be convinced up to an extent that it does not suck. Bluehost web hosting provider strongly believes in customer satisfaction, and their effort to provide live support is the biggest example in this respect. Bluehost has more than 300 servers, and <a href="https://www.bluehost.com/track/113075216178/">BluehostWeb HostingWordpress</a> each hosts around 800 domains. Now, it would not sound realistic all the people linked with Bluehost are happy, but what you must assure from your side is that u follow all the rules very minutely.
Following the rules of Bluehost service provider, will not only save you from getting into trouble, but also give you a valid ground to claim if you face any problem. One aspect of the Bluehost is sure to win the faith of people, which is "full money back guarantee". A person can choose to cut off all relation with Bluehost at any time. Bluehost will refund the amount that is there in the account of the beholder. However, Bluehost charge 10 USD for the domain name, which the Bluehost provides free of cost while signing up.
After the payment of 10 USD, Bluehost allows to keep the domain name forever. Therefore, if you are the one in search of web-hosting company, Bluehost is the ideal option. This service will cost only $ 6.95 per month. After going through the review, there is no space let for doubt, and upon every condition, the offer of full money back guarantee should be motivation enough.
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